Big Datart Selected for eNTERFACE 2015

Our project BigDatArt was selected for eNTERFACE 2015 !!!

 what’s BigDatArt ?

With BigDatArt project, the player will be able to examine the links between the images and data. He will walk from a detail of an image to a full picture travelling  with other multimedia documents thanks to the unlimited resources of the Internet.



The eNTERFACE workshops aim at establishing a tradition of collaborative, localized research and development work by gathering, in a single place, a team of leading professionals in multimodal human-machine interfaces together with students (both graduate and undergraduate), to work on a prespecified list of challenges, for 4 complete weeks. In this respect, it is an innovative and intensive collaboration scheme, designed to allow researchers to integrate their software tools, deploy demonstrators, collect novel databases, and work side by side with a great number of experts. It brings together 80 researchers for a whole month, subsequently it is the largest workshop on multimodal interfaces.

The workshop is held on an anual basis and organized around several research projects dealing with multimodal human-machine interfaces design. It is thus radically different from traditional scientific workshops, in which only specialists meet for a few days to discuss state-of-the art problems, but do not really work together.