My specialty lessons revolve around different axes :

  • Web (PHP , HTML / CSS , CMS … )
  • Green IT (computer and Sustainable Development , Computer Science Certification for environmental activities and sustainable development )
  • Image processing ( machine vision, image processing, attention and saliency, sicentific visualisation … )
  • Information system

I pay particular attention to scientific dissemination through teaching such as IT and sustainable development, methodology and academic computing and new technologies, but also through training GRETA and staff of the University.

I was also responsible for teaching analysis and control of linear systems , measurement, instrumentation and simulations.

Finally I was responsible for training C2I environmental professions and I rise in all other C2I covered at the University of La Rochelle. I am responsible since October 2013 of the master of Engineering in Computer Science (CMI). CMI is a coherent five years program leading to engineering functions. It is a progressive and challenging academic training with an international label ur national model « master of engineering ».


Licence Informatique et nouvelles technologies
Introduction aux données numériques
Green IT
Méthodologie universitaire
Site Web I
Site Web II
mastere C2I N2 MEAD-MI-MD
Vision industrielle
Interaction diffusion numérique
Recherche (exemple de cours)
formation personnel

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