Accepted for icdar 2015

Our paper « Multiresolution Approach Based on Adaptive Superpixels for Administrative Documents Segmentation into Color Layers » is accpeted for ICDAR 2015 

abstract : Administrative document images are usually pro-
cessed in black and white what generates many problems due
to the errors related to the binarization. Besides all semantic
information provided by the color is lost. Document images have
a rich and highly variable content. The presence of false colors
and artefacts introduced by the scanning and the compression
alter the segmentation of the regions. Problems arise when there
is no correspondence between the point clouds which are detected
in a color space and the real regions of an image. In order to
help the segmentation, we propose the extraction of the main
colors of an image as a set of binary layers. Due to the industrial
context, our approach has to run unsupervised on a generic
dataset of color administrative documents. The originality of this
approach is the use of a multiresolution analysis to detect the
number of colors automatically. At a low resolution, a set of local
regions is obtained thanks to a SLIC-based approach which takes
into account the structure of documents and which combines
both colorimetric information and spatial information. Then, a
merging stage is applied on each resolution separately based on
the colors which have been extracted at a lower resolution. This
contribution can both feed the traditional process and exploit
colorimetric information.

AUTHORS: Elodie Carel, Jean-Christophe Burie, Vincent Courboulay, Jean-Marc Ogier and Vincent Poulain d’Andecy