Antoine Doucet - Full Professor - Information Retrieval and Multilingual Text Processing

Antoine Doucet - Research

Research interests

  • Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction.
  • Temporal analysis (e.g., Timestamping and Novelty Detection).
  • Language- and domain-independent Text processing.
  • Book Search, Digitized books and the use of their logical structure.
  • Multi-Word Expressions, Phrases, Collocations... And their use in Information Retrieval.
  • Text Data Mining.
  • XML Semi-Structured Documents and their retrieval.
  • Document Clustering.

Research Responsibilities

  • Main organizer of the Book Structure Extraction competition, conjoint to the ICDAR conference and the INEX initiative.
  • Co-organizer of the INEX Book Search track since 2007, part of CLEF since 2012.
  • Grantee of the French scientific exellence award (Prime d'Excellence Scientifique).
  • Former responsibilities at the University of Normandy in Caen, GREYC laboratory:
    • Head of the research theme on "Cross-lingual information retrieval, translation, text algorithms and differential methods" within the GREYC's HULTECH research team.
    • Member of the council of the GREYC laboratory from February 2012.