Antoine Doucet - Full Professor - Information Retrieval and Multilingual Text Processing

Antoine Doucet - Projects


  • ANR MRSEI Digistory (2016-2018) - principal investigator
    to be completed...
  • AmeliOCR, post-OCR Correction (2016-2018) - co-principal investigator (about 75k€)
    to be completed...
  • PHC Nusantara with Universitas Indonesia (2016-2017) - principal investigator (41k€)
    to be completed...
  • USTH SWARMS project (2015-2016) - participant (10k$)
    to be completed...
  • PIA Tourinflux (2013-2016) - participant
    to be completed...
  • Image Time Stamping based on Text and Image Features (2012-2015) - principal investigator (91k€)
    Funded by the region of Lower-Normandy, the project aims the temporal indexing and retrieval of patrimonial picture databases.
  • Server for the Storage and Processing of Massive Data (2012-) - principal investigator (20k€)
    Funded by the University of Caen, the project allows to increase the storage capacity of the GREYC to about 100Tb, with the purpose to 1) address and valorize patrimonial data sets, in collaboration with MRSH, and 2) facilitate participation to international comparative evaluation competititions (such as TREC).
  • PICS MultiPuls (2009-2011) - participant
    Under the responsibility of Nadine Lucas, the CNRS PICS MultiPULS supported works on multilingual epidemiological surveillance, in collaboration with the group of Roman Yangarber. Gaël Lejeune's PhD thesis is representative of the subsequent results.
  • Mobile Multilingual Maintenance Man - 4M (2006) - participant
    The project envisaged a system that supports a mobile maintenance man in his service activities. Funded by Finnish national agencies (VTT, Tekes) and companies (Nokia, Fujitsu, Lingsoft, Wartsila, Citec, RAY), it also involved the departments of computational linguistics and computer science of the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki University of Technology. I worked as a postdoctoral researcher, in charge of the information retrieval services.
  • EXTIRP (2003-2007) - project leader
    The EXTIRP system is an experimental information retrieval system that exploits XML hierarchy so as to return XML fragments of appropriate size to user queries. It was initally developed in 2003 by a team of 6 persons, and gradually improved until 2007, mostly by Miro Lehtonen and me. The EXTIRP system is central to the PhD thesis of Miro Lehtonen.
  • AFFRST travel grants
    I received several travel grants to the University of Helsinki, funded by the French Finnish Association for Scientific and Technological Research (AFFRST) and the cultural services of the French embassy in Finland in: 2001, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013.