Research Interests

My research interests relate to the design of intelligent programs for the analysis, the understanding and the exploitation of data. Last years, i focused my research on the processing of images and multivariate time series.

>Examples from BARC dataset

Many scientific communities among Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Signal Processing, Physics share these topics but sometimes with different objectives. My background knowledge, various collaborators, my own ideas leads me to work on the following four frameworks:

Data_analysis --

Clifford --


Content about clifford

Mixture models and their applications --

Mixture models and their applications

Content about mixture modelling General purpose works: Christophe Saint-Jean and Frank Nielsen. Online k-MLE for Mixture Modeling with Exponential Families.Proceedings of Geometric Science Information(GSI), LNCS 9389, pages 340-348, 2015. Mixtures of Wishart distribution applied to motion clustering and recognition (2006- …): Example of clustering SPD matrices using Wishart model and Hartigan k-MLE Christophe Saint-Jean and Frank Nielsen. Hartigan’s method for k-MLE : Mixture modeling with Wishart distributions and its application to motion retrieval.